Manifex currently has two exciting investments in the portfolio. Cytomatrix is a biotech firm with stem cell therapeutic blood product. Circa Group is a ‘green chemicals’ firm.

  • Strong portfolio of IP for stem-cell expansion of Hematapoietic Stem Cells (HSC)
  • Significant competitive advantage in global market
  • Significant opportunities fromCytomatrix technologies:
  • Stem cell blood products
  • Bio Reactor technologies for range of stem cell applications
  • Short nanofiber production for broad range of industries
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  • Breakthrough technology for specialty chemical, Levoglucosenone (LGN).
  • Diverse range of applications – pharmaceutical, agrichemicals, fragrances and green solvents (Cyrene)
  • Increasing market awareness by European and US chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Scaling-up for commercial plant within 18-24 months
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